Antarctica was crafted to make the Godet heritage accessible to the greatest number since it is so easy to drink, approachable and un-pretentious.

Jean-Jacques Godet

The Spirit

Godet Antarctica is born of noble spirit that carries a virtuous heritage; a humanist culture, European savoir-faire, respect of time & nature, with expertise and emotion passed hand to hand between generations since 1588.

The cognac part is distilled from Ugni Blanc grapes, which give it a distinctively fruity taste. While the timeless iceberg inspired bottle makes it an instant classic in the world of cognacs and spirits.

Antarctica is an invitation to the Godet world.



How is Antarctica produced?
The young and fresh wine spirit is blended with cognac aged in the centenary old cask to create a well-balanced and fruity taste.

Why Antarctica is unique?
The cognac used for Antarctica is aged in 100 years old barrels, preserving the fresh & floral aromas of the cognac. Our unique process preserves the youth and energy of the young and rested cognac, while keeping the cognac tannins free. The wine spirit reinforces the freshness of it.

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Tasting Notes

Well-balanced with deliciously fruited and spice notes. Served chilled.

Floral, hints of caramel sweetness, chamomile, a hint of juniper, some dried apricot.

Good sweetness, dried fruits, a little chamomile again, sultana and orange blossom.

Full, spicy and juniper-rich.

Godet Antarctica

500ml Bottle

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