From Grape to Glass

 Exceptional craftsmanship, expertise, and emotion passed from hand to hand between generations since 1588. This is the journey of how Antarctica is naturally created in 5 meticulous steps.

Vineyard of Cognac

From soil into fruits
Coming from the 75,000 hectares of Cognac vineyard, the evolution starts with a rootstock that blossoms into a flower and then transforms into a white grape.

Wine Making

From fruit into wine
From a very long tradition, the grapes are harvested, pressed and vinified into a low alcohol, high acidity white wine.

Double Batch Distallation

From wine into wine spirit
The wine is distilled 2 times in the infamous Alembic Charentais, adapted from the Arabic invention by Dutch merchants in the 16th century.

Oak Aging

From wine spirit into Cognac
The wine spirit is then laid down into a century old barrel that has seen so many other cognacs that is does not have tannins any more. Therefore this barrel does not colour the wine spirit. After 2 years, it is colourless thanks to this unique barrel aging process imagined by Jean-Edouard Godet; a gift from the previous generations.


From Cognac into Antarctica
To further refine the taste, Jean Edouard Godet adds 30% of freshly distilled wine spirit. This brings an added layer of energy, airiness, and a straight mouth.