The History of Godet

 Godet is the oldest of the great Cognac houses with 462 years of adventure, passion, emotion, and expertise passed down through the Godet family. We have a rich history of honouring craft and taste since 1588.

  • Birth of Godet Antarctica
    Jean-Edouard Godet officially takes the responsibility of Master Blender for the 15th generation of Godet and launches Godet Antarctica.
  • Sailing to the far side of the Earth
    Jean-Jacques Godet starts a sailing expedition to the South Pole. He comes back with new inspiration transformed into a unique creation by his son Jean Edouard.
  • WW2
    The house master blender walls part of the family cellar to protect the best cognacs from the Nazi. 70 years later Jean-Edouard Godet still draws cognac from these saved historical lots.
  • Prohibition and Rebirth
    Jean Godet : The future has an history; he supplied Al Capone alcohol during the American prohibition.
  • Brandy become Cognac
    The vineyard of brandy production becomes a protected and controlled area of France. The name cognac now replaces the name brandy.
  • Godet becomes a digestive
    Augustin Godet creates the first digestive cognac– Gastronome – a dry and floral cognac to be shared and experienced at the end of the dinner.
  • Godet brand registration
    Gédéon Louis Godet business strive and he decides to bottle himself his cognacs. He registers the brand 7 years before the French revolution.
  • Ennoblement
    The king of France Louis the 14th ennobles the Godet family. Their coat of arm carries 3 little glass, that later will be called Godet.
  • Royal Protection
    The King of France, Henri the 4th grants the first privilege to the Godet family and puts them under his direct protection.